Muga Mushin Strategic Design

Strategic Design for Sports
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Muga Mushin

Fernando Alonso

The driver, the athlete, the foundation

Karting Campus 2015

Museo y Circuito

Design to facilitate flow

Form follows Strategy

Balance between practicality, ingenuity and empathy leads to achieving a structure in which entities flow optimally. [strategy]

Corporate Identity

The Lifter

Dokomo Motors

Go for legendary

Working to master

There's no such thing as end-design

Evolution is not the elimination but distribution of imperfection. Every iteration discovers hidden paths to an improved future. [design]

Movistar Cycling Team

Official Website: Concept

It's an opportunity

Rather than an obstacle

A solution-focused approach drives us through positive steps in the way of creativity. [flow]

Corporate Identity


Golf Tournament Agenda

New ways of doing

Answers to the right questions

Various perspectives open a wider range of ideas towards more complete and innovative outputs. [bigpic]

Planifica Tus Pedaladas

Chema Arguedas

Cycling Apparel

Corporate Identity

Open. Adaptable. Flowing.

Strategic Design

Driving change through future-oriented design. No ego, no preconceptions, just energized focus. [team]


Pamela Zuloaga



Alfredo Laguía